A stand-alone romance about a Hollywood A-Lister and his star-struck make-up artist.

Brad Evans has been voted the world’s sexiest man. So why does he need his new make-up artist to sign an non-disclosure agreement?


When make-up artist, Whitney Bryant, takes a break from working for her pop star employer, she is persuaded to accept a job on a movie set.

The last person she expected to see walk in to her make-up trailer is her movie idol, Brad Evans.

Neither expect each other’s reactions.

Whitney is stunned to silence when she comes face to face with the handsome actor. What is more unnerving is that he can’t take his eyes off her.

From opposite worlds, both Brad and Whitney are suffering with the same guilt.

Can they help each other come to terms with what lies ahead while they work out if they have a future themselves?

Link: MyBook.To/HollywoodSpotlight

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