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Born and raised in Wales, in a sleepy town just outside Cardiff, Grace developed a love of stationery at a very early age. She still can’t pass a pen shop without nipping in for a quick look around.

Writing and publishing since 2012, Grace has many books in her back catalog, all in the Romance genre. They range from Rock Star Romance to Small Town Romance and Family Sagas. Be warned, her books have a high heat level!

In a nutshell?
21st Century Romance – Writing about understated powerful women. Understated love stories with a powerful message, each and every time.

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Inky Rhapsodies

Latest Release in the Red & Black series

Each member of the Red & Black record label is feeling the effects of Errol Thomas’ news.

After an emotional morning, the key members congregate in the crèche, each of them struggling with a dilemma. Jude announces she’s quitting music, Erin decides that she wants to spend time in France. Seb is about to go on the road, and Tara is not happy, delaying the wedding once again.

But, Bonnie Webster, the label’s accountant, carries the most significant weight on her shoulders after she overhears a conversation Quinn has with Valentino. Tom assures her she has his protection, but she must overcome her moral high ground to help the record label. The last thing Bonnie needs is Roger Wilmot, a cheeky, observant, tattoo artist to rock royalty, taking up residence in her office. Bonnie can’t believe the man she’s been fascinated with for years is now sitting opposite her. The battle of head over heart begins. The last thing she needs is to expose herself to the handsome man, she has vowed will be the next person to touch her skin.

Roxy asking to be Seb’s tour manager seems innocent enough, but Seb can’t help think there’s more to it. Is she a plant for Valentino? Or is there another puppet master for her request?

Just as Bonnie decides what she needs to do, her mother turns up, revealing all kinds of secrets. The exposure causes a rift at the label that looks irreparable, and Bonnie quits.

Seb’s relationship is on the line, and Erin is heartbroken in France.

Will the Red & Black record label collapse without its key members? Find out in INKY RHAPSODIES.

This is the sixth novel in the Red & Black Series.

Book 1: Charcoal Notes
Book 2: Crimson Melodies
Book 3: Raven Acoustics
Book 4: Cardinal Lyrics
Book 5: Onyx KeysBook

Book 6: Vermillion Chords

Book 7: Inky Rhapsodies

Book 8: Magenta Symphonies

Book 9: White Wedding

Red & Black Series

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