A heart warming, stranded in the snow, steamy romance.

Bronwyn Jones’ best friend, Mollie, is getting married and as the town baker and maid of honour, she is the girl for the job to make the wedding cake.

After one too many cocktails, Bronwyn loses a bet and ends up kissing a stranger in the darkness. All she can remember the next day is the searing hot kiss but nothing about the man who delivered it.

When Bronwyn has to set up and finish decorating the cake at the grand house at the top of the hill where the ceremony is going to be held, she doesn’t expect to meet the same stranger. Or see his naked arse, sitting at an antique desk, typing at his laptop.

The house is supposed to be empty, and she was only supposed to be there for a few hours. Except when a snowstorm hits the small welsh town of Talbot Bay, she is forced to stay cooped up with him.

Dean Hopkins is in Talbot Bay to be best man at his best friend, Charlie’s wedding. In and out in a few days and then he would be gone out of the country the day after the wedding. While he is staying at his uncle’s house, which is doubling up as the wedding venue, the last thing he expected was to be holed up with a baker. They need to survive with no heating when a storm cuts off all communication and electricity.

Fate has thrown Dean and Bronwyn together under impossible circumstances. Dean travels the world as a journalist and Bronwyn is a home bird.

Are these two a match made in heaven or just a one night fling?

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