Electric Kiss


Daisy Turner is the final sibling of the Turners to come home to Copper Island. She hoped her school nickname, nerdy girl, had washed away with the tides. Nathaniel Hill had given her the name, and it had stuck. His mean jibes hurt, but they say there is a fine line between love and hate.
Daisy’s job working on the oil rigs with her brothers was as a forklift driver. Now that she was taking her place beside her siblings in the up-scale wedding business, a new career beckons. She can’t wait to put her newly acquired accountancy degree into action.
Coming back to the island is bittersweet. Educated ahead of her age, Daisy left the island to join her brothers as a teenager. Returning a woman who had spent the last seven years in a male-dominated industry doing a man’s job. According to the men on the rig. Overly protected by her brothers, she’s desperate to spread her wings.
So when she arrives at the dock, the last thing she expects is to crash into Nathaniel. Unfortunately, breaking his wrist was not part of her plan to make a quiet return to the island.
Forced to spend time with Nathaniel as she feels obliged to help out shifting freight up and down the dock, she doesn’t expect there to be chemistry between her and her school bully. It’s palpable, electric.
How will Daisy handle carrying residual hate for the man she cannot stay away from?