Lipstick Kiss


Luke Turner cannot wait to return to Copper Island. Freya Riley is the first person he will visit as soon as the boat docks. Since childhood, they’ve been friends and had stayed in touch when he left the island via letters, sealed with a lipstick kiss.

Luke is the third sibling to return home to Copper Island. The only one who is looking forward to solid ground after being at sea for years.

Can you fall in love through ink and paper? Luke has. He knows that for sure, but when he knocks on her door, the last thing he expects to see is the large rock on her engagement finger.

Luke’s eldest brother drops the bombshell that he is to head up the events department in the up-scale family wedding business they have recently taken over. Luke doesn’t know anything about putting on an event. He’s a medic.

Learning an entirely new career is his second problem. The first is his childhood friend Freya’s engagement to a mystery man she won’t introduce. Assuming her new beau is a teacher at the school she works, he enrols in an evening class to find out.

Who will the mystery man be? And is Luke now regretting coming back to Copper Island?