The Girl Upstairs

What the book is about

What happens when the man you had a one-night stand with moves in across the road?

Ellie Newman broke her vow to never leave her hometown for anything and went to Barcelona to a business conference. She broke another of her rules and had a one-night stand with the handsome man who asked to share her table in the busy hotel bar.

Drinks turned into a meal, and a meal turned to a nightcap… and then nakedness.

They agreed on no names or anything specific that could identify them afterwards.

Lewis Mercer didn’t need to bother keeping the promise.

On his first day at his new business premises, he came face to face with the bombshell he’d spent an unforgettable night with. Not only was she living in the same town, but Ellie also lived directly across the road from him.

Lewis saw it as fate throwing them together. However, Ellie wasn’t convinced when Lewis’s new business venture made her life miserable.

Ellie had given up a brilliant career in the city to start her tech business. If she doesn’t win the pitch she has to deliver, she’ll be back to job hunting. If Lewis doesn’t win his contract, he’ll go bankrupt and lose his house.

Lewis faces a choice when it comes down to the wire. He’s spent countless weeks persuading Ellie they are good for each other. So how will Ellie react when he chooses business over love?

Enjoy this standalone novel with brand new characters. Get ready for a hilarious small-town romance.