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Born and raised in Wales, in a sleepy town just outside Cardiff, Grace developed a love of stationery at a very early age. She still can’t pass a pen shop without nipping in for a quick look around.

Writing and publishing since 2012, Grace has many books in her back catalog, all in the Romance genre. They range from Rock Star Romance to Small Town Romance and Family Sagas. Be warned, her books have a high heat level!

In a nutshell?
21st Century Romance – Writing about understated powerful women. Understated love stories with a powerful message, each and every time.

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Magenta Symphonies & White Wedding

Latest Release in the Red & Black series

What happens when the most despicable man in rock music is seeking redemption?

If finding out his business partner, Valentino Armati, had been shot dead was the most shocking news of Quinn Saunders’ morning. The next piece of information just about floored him.

He had a daughter called Amery, and she was eighteen.

Amery was standing in front of him, with nothing but warmth in her eyes. His ex-wife, Gina Lawson, is standing in front of him too, wary as anything.

He had been blindsided by Erin Devlin, and he didn’t know how to deal with any of it.

But he needed to get his wits about him because Valentino wasn’t the only one with a target aimed at his head. His feelings for his ex-wife resurface, and he sees a spark of desire in Gina.

An unlikely alliance between Tom Boone and Quinn Saunders forms as they come together to protect Quinn’s new family. And at the same time, Quinn gets reacquainted with his ex-wife.

Gina made one big despicable decision two decades ago, and Quinn had made many small disgraceful decisions for twenty years.

Tara and Seb are in therapy for their impending nuptials, with Erin spearheading the wedding plans. All is going smoothly at the Red & Black mansion. It’s just everywhere else had turned to chaos.

Gina came back to Quinn for him to protect their daughter. Is he up to the task?

Find out in Magenta Symphonies, book eight in the Red & Black series.

Red & Black Series

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