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Born and raised in Wales, in a sleepy town just outside Cardiff, Grace developed a love of stationery at a very early age. She still can’t pass a pen shop without nipping in for a quick look around.

Writing and publishing since 2012, Grace has many books in her back catalog, all in the Romance genre. They range from Rock Star Romance to Small Town Romance and Family Sagas. Be warned, her books have a high heat level!

In a nutshell?
21st Century Romance – Writing about understated powerful women. Understated love stories with a powerful message, each and every time.

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Vermillion Chords

Latest Release in the Red & Black series

Flynn Harding has fallen in love with a fire breathing entertainment lawyer, Payton McKay. She loathes all musicians, thinks they’re egotistical fame-hungry divas—a stark contradiction to her job.

Every record label wants Flynn to get back on stage. Long since sober, he has no plans to go back into the limelight. He much prefers staying behind the scenes and getting a kick out of their fiery office argument for everyone to witness.

Red & Black record label decided to go out to get drunk and forget about their legal battles with rival label The Dark Side. A night of karaoke is arranged and to everyone’s surprise, Payton and Flynn get up on stage and sing a duet.

They are dynamite together. No one knew Payton McKay had a voice that could sell millions of records, least of all Erin Devlin.
Once the song ended, Payton fled Devlin’s with embarrassment with Flynn closely behind. He reminds her of that one night they spent together years before, and this time she doesn’t creep out in the middle of the night.

The feisty couple makes a go of a relationship, Red & Black get a handle on one of their legal battles, and Tom comes face to face with Valentino Armati. The world has righted itself in the lives of the Red & Black family.

Until tragedy strikes.

This is the sixth novel in the Red & Black Series.

Book 1: Charcoal Notes
Book 2: Crimson Melodies
Book 3: Raven Acoustics
Book 4: Cardinal Lyrics
Book 5: Onyx KeysBook

6: Vermillion Chords

Book 7: Inky Rhapsodies

Book 8: Magenta Symphonies

Book 9: White Wedding

Red & Black Series

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