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Born and raised in Wales, in a sleepy town just outside Cardiff, Grace developed a love of stationery at a very early age. She still can’t pass a pen shop without nipping in for a quick look around.

Writing and publishing since 2012, Grace has many books in her back catalog, all in the Romance genre. They range from Rock Star Romance to Small Town Romance and Family Sagas. Be warned, her books have a high heat level!

In a nutshell?
21st Century Romance – Writing about understated powerful women. Understated love stories with a powerful message, each and every time.

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Latest Release in The Turners of Copper Island series

After years of working on the oil rigs, Jason Turner never thought he’d come back to Copper Island. The only thing getting him on the boat back to his hometown is Heidi Shaw. He has no idea if he will be greeted with open arms or a glacial stare.

Jason is returning home, where he knows everybody, or at least used to.

His brother has taken on the up-scale family wedding business, and he needs a chef. Fortunately, Jason oversaw the kitchen on the oil rig where he and his siblings worked. The only fly in the ointment is Heidi Shaw, the woman who he left behind all those years ago. His best friend’s sister.

Jason never stopped thinking about his first love. He could still smell her perfume if he concentrated hard enough. Sneaking around was their forte, as his best friend had made it clear his sister was off-limits.

When Jason left for the rigs to join his father and brother, Heidi left for midwifery school. Jason thought everything was okay until he received a message from his best friend that he was never welcome back in either of their lives.

Life on the oil rigs and travelling the world meant he never did find out why his best friend severed ties and never heard from Heidi Shaw again. What will Jason find when he returns to Copper Island? He knows Heidi is the only midwife on the island because he kept track from afar. He doesn’t know if a woman who scrubs her hands clean every day would fall back in love with a man who has an oil stain on every piece of his clothing.

Red & Black Series
Turners of Copper Island
The Devoted Men

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