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Harper’s Harpings: Guest Author Interview – Amelia J Hunter

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Amelia J Hunter is an erotic author of short stories on her blog and has released a collection of sensual stories on eBook. Reviewers have lapped up every word and have high praise for Sensual Beginnings and have given the book 5* on several reviews.

I interviewed the gorgeous lady and here is a little insight as to how Amelia ticks.

Tell me about Sensual Beginnings?

It’s a journey of main characters that I have separated into several volumes. Each volume can stand alone but they all interlink in some small way as the series continues. I hope by the last volume it will end with a novel that extends their tale and closes any questions I have left open.

Where did the idea come from?

It all began with the one I named The Cafe story. Marcus and Leah’s meeting together. From there, three more grew that are the core stories for each of the volumes. The Cafe Story is one of my favourites as I wrote it in the cafe I visit very often.

What’s next on the horizons for Amelia J Hunter?

To continue the volumes ending with a completion of their lives and stories. I don’t want anyone to think that the characters finish after each book. They still link in some way in the next. After Sensual Beginnings I have a novel that’s already started and has been shouting at me to complete. Another file waiting on the laptop.

That sounds exciting, you have lots of stories to come, fantastic. Have you ever written about a real life person in your books?

Kind of. More feelings I’ve experienced, words I’ve heard, moments in time rather than any person them self.

Ooh, intriguing. When you write your steamy scenes is there a particular person you think about?

Haha no comment.

Oh come on, you can tell me, I won’t tell a soul, promise.

My favourite twitter line, “I’ll DM you” haha.

Spoil sport. Would you ever consider writing about your life?

Don’t think it would be that interesting or that anyone would like to read it. Although not many people do know about my past, I kind of like it that way.

Hmmm, I doubt that. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yes, completely.

Have you experienced it?

I married him and that is a story to tell *wink*.

My heart melted a little bit then. What do you think of the concept that your readers think that you carry out what you write about?

I haven’t really had anyone presume the stories are me, well they haven’t told me anyway lol. Would people really think that? If they do, that is a complete compliment, although some things I would need to know about to write it. 🙂

Fair enough, some authors in the erotica genre have experienced men being over zealous in their attention because they think the author is ready to do what they write about. Have you come across this?

I’m a bit of a flirt but still keep my personal life personal. I don’t play games and there is always the block button if it gets to that point. And yes I have used it several times. I think men authors would get a lot more attention than a woman. Because there is less of them compared to us woman. Nearly all the men that follow me are respectful with a cheeky streak.

Are there subjects that are off limits when it comes to writing?

There are certain things I won’t write about. Mostly because I don’t understand them fully myself and would hate to get it wrong.

Is there an example that comes to mind?

Hmm when I write I get in the feeling of the character so to have someone with a fetish that I wouldn’t understand, I don’t write about it.

OK, let’s be frivolous, if you had to be a Disney character which one would it be and why?

Really don’t know lol I love Dory as she is always happy no matter what and she switches topics so fast and I love doing that.

*Googles Dory* Which fictional character would you like to meet and why?

Doctor Who why? Just because.
Oh and Dobby from Harry Potter. I need to tell him to watch out for the knife.

Is there a word you can’t say out loud, what is it?

Cunt. Think it’s a crude an awful word. Even typing it makes me cringe.

Do you have a favourite word?

I’ll say no but I’m sure others may say I say ‘sure’ a lot. It’s an Irish thing.

What did you want to do when you grew up?

At school I wanted to be an accountant or work in childcare. The one I picked I wish I took the other.

If I got you drunk what is the worst thing that could happen?

I get sick. Hate being out of control & drink makes me really ill. So I don’t.

What? Ever?

Oh I used to many years ago and I might have a small taster but haven’t had a glass of wine or any other drink for a very long time.

How many days could you go without coffee?

I have gone 3 days, but had to head back drinking it, although it was decaf.

Who is the best dressed man you know about?

Probably David Gandy. So smart no matter if he is wearing jeans or a suit. And damn good looking. Although I have just found out his age and that worries me a little. Maybe I need to review that question. For one I don’t think there is an Irish man who knows how to dress smart. One suit does all. I honestly think if a man can wear his clothes well then that does me.

After living in Ireland for two decades, what is your favourite tradition you have taken on?

Oh I’m not sure I have. My speech is probably the biggest change but as for traditions I think they are harder to adjust to as you are taught them in your youth. I don’t go to Mass, I don’t do the drinking scene & I don’t do the countryside fates. God I do sound boring. I still feel in limbo some days. I’ll always be a blow-in which means I’m not from the area. I’m more comfortable here though than in the UK. I’m very lost when I go back and don’t go very often. I guess I keep myself to myself (just like Tom Cruise told them in the film Far and Away set in Ireland)

Um, you’re far from boring, I can vouch for that plus you write erotica. What is the best and worst decision you made in 2014

Aww thanks for saying that.

Worst: I trusted & believed in someone I shouldn’t have.
Best: Starting my blog although that could also be the worst lol.

What type of woman would turn your head?

Emma Thomson. She’s wonderful.

Are you a super fan of a sport?

Not really although I am a fan of Ireland when they beat the UK in the rugby. I always support the Irish side

Quick Fire Round

Cats or dogs? Err ?? Both ok cats
Tea or coffee? Both or coffee
Ski or sun holiday? Sun
Favourite colour? Blue
Bath or shower? Shower
Sci-fi or rom-com? Sci fi

Thank you for being the first person in my hot seat, it has been an absolute pleasure and I can’t wait for Sensual Beginnings Vol 2.

You can find Amelia in the following places, she’s chatty and friendly, go and say hi and check out Vol 1 of Sensual Beginnings.

Twitter Blog \ Facebook \ Amazon \ iTunes \ B&N \ KOBO \

Sensual Beginnings Vol I Cover

Thanks for reading.



p.s. if you want to be in my hot seat, drop me an email:

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