Erotic Short Stories

Happy Birthday @DebScribbles here is an Erotic Tease just for you X:

My gorgeous friend Deb has fallen in love with one of my characters from a book that is yet to be released. She is stupid mad for him. When Deb pokes fun at me or winds me up I simply say ‘I’m going to kill off Tom’ which normally results in a whole lot of grovelling and back tracking. Oh the power of the writer, mwahahahahaaa. So this little treat is for her, she is still going to kick my arse when she gets to the end *cue more cackling on my part*.



Happy Birthday Fluffs X




Deb had harboured a desire to visit Brighton, ever since she had heard of Green’s music venue. She booked the coach, packed her bags and journeyed to the South Coast.


The sun dazzled her eyes on that Saturday morning last June. She’d forgotten her sunglasses and spent her time stumbling along the narrow pavements of the North Laine quirky shops. Deb’s favourite band had a gig that night and she wanted to get the all of their autographs. Apart from Seb’s, she didn’t like Seb all that much. Alex, on the other hand, was a whole different ball game, she had been following their progress for years and now was her chance to meet them.


A friend of hers had told her that there was a back door to the venue and that was the door they would go through to do their sound check. Determined, she picked up her pace and stared at her GPS map on her phone. She was nearly there, just a few more minutes and she could camp out and wait for Fragile, her favourite rock band to turn up.


“Ooof,” Deb said as she hit a brick wall “there’s not supposed to be a wall here.” She muttered to herself, still staring at her phone.


“That’s because I’m not a wall darlin’” The human wall said to her.


Deb took a slow look up the black clothed wall. He towered above her by a foot and a few inches. His broad chest covered in a tight black t-shirt, the short sleeves showing off his biceps. She dropped her eyes back down to his crotch, he wore black trousers, and they fitted him perfectly. Her head snapped up to his face, and saw an amused smile played on his lips, along with his eyes sparkling.


“Nope, definitely not a wall, although you sure feel like a wall.” She said and placed her tiny palms on the sides of his waist, smoothed them up over his chest and pulled them away. She looked at her hands wondering if they had a mind of their own and didn’t know where to put them for safe keeping. If she were sitting on a chair, she would stuff them under her legs so that they didn’t escape and stroked his chest again.


“If you lay your warm hands on me one more time I will not be responsible for what happens next darlin’”


Deb’s heart thudded out of her chest and her pussy throbbed in harmony. His predatory eyes grazed her entire body, twice. She stood frozen to the spot. Deb had come to see the lead singer from Fragile, but this guy, man alive this guy was ten times more good looking. She lifted her hands that were clasped behind her back and placed then again on his waist and didn’t move. She stared at him, goading him into his next move.


“Come with me,” he said clasping her hand in his and walking her along the pavement. She trotted behind him, trying to keep up, stuffing her mobile phone in the pocket of her flowery dress. The seagulls above squawked their approval as they passed the indie shops along the way.


Taking a sharp right along a gravel lane that was big enough to fit delivery trucks, Debs slowed down. Her wedged summer sandals couldn’t cope with the uneven ground. He looked behind him as he lost physical contact with her and stared at her feet. He walked back to Deb and picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Deb let out her second random noise and held onto her dress to protect her dignity. She bounced along over his shoulder and only saw where they had been and not where they were going.


“Hi Tom,” A woman greeted him as they passed by.


“Hi Kate, I’ll be out of communication for half an hour.”


“Only half an hour?” Both Kate and Deb asked.


Tom laughed and smacked Deb’s backside and walked into the dark corridor at the back of the building. She couldn’t see a thing and only hoped that Tom could. She liked his name just as much as his taut body.


He kept walking until he reached the end of the corridor and opened the door to his office, twisting the handle with his spare hand. After entering the room, he kicked the door shut and gently placed Deb back on her feet. Cupping her face with his oversized hands he pleaded with her silently.


“Are you ready?” He eventually said.


“Absolutely yes,” She said without hesitation.


He lifted Debs a second time and she wrapped her legs around his waist just before Tom shoved her against the closed door. His mouth was on hers demanding she open her mouth. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, exploring, playing and teasing her. The moans escaping Deb’s mouth encouraged Tom further, his kisses relentless and demanding. Dropping her hands from his neck, she pushed away from the door with just her back, stopping his kiss. She needed to find his belt buckle, his kisses were making her dizzy with desire. She needed him inside her, now. She undid his belt, undid the button and then slid down the zipper. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and she could see the base of his neatly shaved cock. Her pussy throbbed again in anticipation of his erect penis sliding inside her. Lifting out his ……….


……. Beep Beep Beep Beep.


Deb turned over in bed and smacked the off button on her alarm clock, irritated and frustrated.


The timing was awful, but she didn’t have time to dwell. She had a coach to catch, she was heading to Brighton today.


Do you love me yet?



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