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Launching a Book in the Indie World – 29 days to go

I’ve been fortunate to be on the receiving end of an awful lot of support over the years. I am terrible at asking for help, I’ll trawl through dozens of websites and blogs, storing how to do everything from formatting a book to optimizing a Facebook advert.

An example of unasked for help, I tweeted an older blog about how I struggle with writing a blurb and other person replied with a link to someone else’s blog. It had a seven sentence guide on how to write a decent synopsis. I wrote the one below in half an hour, obviously not the exact one as I have tweaked it several times. But, 90% of what was written was done after reading that blog. Had I not had that help, I would be crying into my keyboard.

There is still a lack of unasked for help, simple things like a retweet on Twitter, a like on Facebook or heaven forbid a share on Facebook. We need to help each other. Social Media is the way forward for the self published author, whether we like it or not. Any author at any stage in their career should be spending a decent half an hour every day, marketing online. Recommendation is still the best way to get readers interested in your book.

I want to disprove a theory.

People won’t help, the Self Publishing Author Community has imploded and has become insular. These are not my theories but one of a fellow author who has given up and abandoned ship. I want to show her that there are people out there that will say they will help and follow through.

Where do you come in? The answer is cross promotion and you’re going to help me. I help you and you help me, simple. With this in mind I’m going to blog each day about my journey in releasing my next book. I have two aims:

  • A vain effort to help others, I hope my experience will help a budding or even an experienced author.
  • Get the conversation going, I don’t pretend to have all the answers, not even half of them. If I did, I’d be #1 in my genre. I want people in the author world to help me and each other. Share my blog, comment with helpful tips, not just for me but for everyone else that is going to read them.


Here’s where I’m at:

The final edits are being done. The cover artist JC Clarke has delivered my cover and I’ve written the synopsis (both are at the bottom). I’ve designed the sign up form (it’s further down). Updating all my social media banners with the new book.

What am I doing today?

Cover reveal and synopsis will go out on all social media. Will start contacting bloggers.

Here’s what I have to do (in no particular order):

Contact 1000 blogs and get help; Write the google doc to get people to sign up; Update Goodreads; Attach book on Author Central (Amazon); Newsletter Release once live; Post excerpts; Post a Goodreads event; Organise a giveaway; Decide whether to offer ARCs; Update Website; Design Teasers; 20 million other things I’ve not thought about or do automatically. Oh, and upload the book after formatting it on eBook and Paperback, nearly forgot that bit.

Will you help? Sign up form:


p.s. I have a moan, why is it that some authors don’t follow their fans, readers, peers, whoever on social media? Why be so precious? You follow me, I sure as hell will follow back. Most of the time I make the first move.

Social Media links – Go on, give me a whirl, you may like it.


The Recovery of Catherine Brodie – Book Two of the Catherine Brodie Chronicles

JPG Kindle Cover


“…’Do you love me yet?’ Alex said, hoping the answer was yes…”

The Recovery of Catherine Brodie starts four years after Erin’s confrontation in the cellar of Green’s. Alexander Devlin wants his band to perform at Green’s and writes a begging email. Erin relents and says yes, even though it goes against all her rules.

Erin continues to put her past behind her, but like every bad penny, they always turn up.

Erin Brodie has made a success of her music venue and it’s the most sought after place in the country for non-signed artists to perform. Alexander Devlin is the guitarist from the rock band Fragile, they are at the top of their game and are just about to release their final album.

Erin drops her guard and so her courtship with Alex begins, but it comes at a price. Erin has enemies and, this time, they have upped their game. This time, her life is in jeopardy and it takes all of her friends to race to find her.

This time, they might just be too late…

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