Harper’s Harpings – You Broke My Heart




You broke my heart

I crave the way you talk to others

I wish you’d talk to me

I crave the way you look at her

I wish you’d look at me

I yearn to have you touch me now

As I watch you touch her face

I yearn to know what it feels to have

Your hand stroke down my face

I love the heat that spreads over me

When you say my name aloud

I hate the skip of my heartbeat now

When you say her name aloud

The scars you left when you walked away

Leaves pain more than skin deep

The scars I trace over my heart

Leave cavernous pits that I will always keep

Do you miss me at all?

When you’re on your own

Do you miss me at all?

When you hold her hand

You should have called me

When you had the chance

I should have said yes

When I had the chance

You broke my heart.

When will I ever learn?


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Harper’s Motto: You will not be everybody’s favourite flavour but that’s ok because they won’t always be your favourite flavour. ┬áBe who you want to be and you will attract the people who will support you no matter what.