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Harper’s Harpings: Grace Harper vs Olivia Purley

Did you know I write as Olivia Purley as well? No? Well, I do.

I have talked about pen names previously (you can read it here – Choosing a Pen Name) and have not set out to keep it a secret but want to separate what I want to write about.

Grace Harper’s books are novels of smoldering, steamy romance. The Geary Brothers Series are a set of stand alone novels, they’re set in Edinburgh. Charming Olivia is the first book, Loving Lilly is the second book and Breaking Jane will be the third. They centre around the Geary family, their secrets and lies.






I set up Olivia Purely because I have a love of writing erotica and short stories. The First Encounters Series has a duo or trio of short stories that end within the book about getting together with the one you have lusted over. In the future I may expand them into full novels. At the moment I write them as self contained short stories you can read in an hour. Volumes I and II are out now.

FE Vol I and II

Mistress Scarlet books are another category again, with her I explore fetish fantasies.  We all have a kink or fetish and each story I write explores these. They are not always about but sex but they are about orgasms.

Grace and Olivia have different angles and I have had some readers say that Mistress Scarlet is a little too much for them.  I am delighted they told me, it confirms what I thought when I started writing about her. I love Scarlet, possibly a little too much. Volume I is out now and Volume II is out this month.

The Scarlet Sessions Vol I


Olivia Purley books are available on all eBook platforms including GooglePlay, nook, kobo, iBooks and of course Amazon.

I have a wordpress site for further information and a free short story to read, there is a twitter account and facebook page to keep up to date with future releases and stories.

Website     Twitter: @OliviaPurley         Facebook


Thanks for reading



Harper’s Motto: You will not be everybody’s favourite flavour, but that’s ok, because they will not always be your favourite flavour.   Be who you want to be and you will attract the people who will support you no matter what.


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