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Harper’s Harpings: Planning for a Book Signing – Part One


I’m going to be doing my first book signing in March 2016. Hourglass Events are hosting the book signing in Leeds and I am one of the lucky authors that is going to be there. Rachel Brightey and Jo Curtis are the force behind Hourglass Events. I cannot wait.

It’s been a focus of mine since I filled in the form to apply for a place. I have weekly summit meetings with my friend Delilah every Saturday morning. Latte and cake are consumed and we mull over what I’m going to do. Here is my dear diary so far:

12 months to go – March 2015

Holy smoke, I’m doing a book signing, right then get my list of things to do. I made a list and this is what it says: Table cloth, books, postcards, sweets.

I attended the 2015 author signing event, by the same organisers, awesome event, brilliantly organised. Picked up some pointers.

No one can see the front of your table; people need to see how much your books are without asking; some authors stood the whole time, some sat down, some came away from their tables, some had a seat next to them to chat one to one; when looking at the banners you can only see the top third at a glance; when you enter the room there is a mass of people and tables; some are not easily seen; some author’s profile picture did not look like them; it was difficult at some tables to know who was the author and who was the assistant. When there was an empty chair  and one person there, it was confusing when they said they weren’t the author. Some authors had their tall banners to one side for pictures, which means most of the banner is hidden; when looking at photos of the signings it was helpful that the photo was taken in front of the banner and you could still see the author name; BEWARE, fans post pictures of the signed book, make sure writing it legible.

Ideas to use: sign up to newsletter; entries for a prize draw; postcards; business cards; bookmarks.

First summit meeting with Delilah, best friend and assistant for the day. Cake was eaten and lattes consumed. We talked about what we would wear, and have decided smart. This of course may change.

11 Months to go – April

Several other author signing events have taken place and I have scoured the FB pages for pictures and feedback about people expect and want. I am totally intimidated by the expectations. Swag seems to be a huge feature, I hadn’t budgeted for a large amount of different swag. Several summit meetings were solely about the swag element. In the end, simple is best and after all I am there to sign books. I’ll probably stick to what is popular, book marks, postcards but I have come up with something special that will be exclusive to Leeds signing.

10 months to go – May

The list of authors have been announced, 60 authors, and now the tickets are on sale. It’s a masquerade ball and I want to buy a mask now, right now. I know that I have no idea about the dress or its colour so it’s ludicrous to think about masks, but I want to.  Most of May had been focusing on writing. Due to four months of ill-health, the writing had slowed but May, I had turned a corner and 90% fit. Breaking Jane which is the final book in the Geary Brothers Series is coming along nicely.

Everything that I am doing is dove tailed into the Leeds signing, I’m not planning on doing any more signings in the near future and want to make this one rock. I am finding the whole thing out of control in my head and am trying to keep things simple but worry constantly that my table will be the boring one because I won’t have fancy swag. I will, however, have 6 novels. I’m hoping that is enough.

Attending Author Interviews:

I am going to interview all the authors for the signing over the next nine months, and I cannot wait. Each Wednesday and a few Fridays there will be an interview posted, here is the schedule:

Hall of Fame List 54


LINKS for Leeds Event:



If you have any advice for a first time signing author, please drop me a line or two.

Thanks for reading



Harper’s Motto: You will not be everybody’s favourite flavour, but that’s ok, because they will not always be your favourite flavour.   Be who you want to be and you will attract the people who will support you no matter what. XX




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