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Harper’s Harpings: Editing A First Draft Part Two

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Editing Part 2

I’ve talked before about editing the first draft twelve months ago. You can read it here. I still love the editing process, it gives me freedom to write freely because I know I can add, tweak or delete at a later stage.

I have glared at my manuscript for a few days. I thought I would share how I have broken my staring competition with an inanimate object.

This time is different, I’ve finished the first draft, I write essential scenes the first time around, so aim to get the first draft of 50k words. I tend to write the main sections of the story and then on draft two I bridge the gaps, draft three is the cutting stage and draft four is the plumping phase. Further drafts are a repeat of those actions until I’m happy. I generally end up at about 75k words.

But, this time is different.

I’m looking at 50,000 words and I can’t see any of them, I have re-read the first chapter over and over again, bridging the gaps as I go. When I get to chapter two, I’ve lost heart because all I can see of the 46 or so thousand words after it and I want to shut the document and go and look around Pinterest.

This time I changed, I had to if I am going to reach the editor’s deadline. I had to think of something else, so I broke down the book into the different chapters that I had set up. When I am writing a novel, I’ll start a new chapter once I can’t write any more of the scene before.

Each word document has now been saved as Book Title – brief description – # of words. The smallest chapter is 191 words and the largest is 3574 words. I can clearly see now where I need to do some work.

I now go to the chapter I want to work on, open the preceding chapter and see where I ended it and get to work. I am now full of joy and motivation to start draft two.

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