Book Launch

Charming Olivia is on Sale

Release Day CO on offer


To celebrate the release of Breaking Jane, book three in the Geary Brothers Series, Charming Olivia is on sale.

99 cents in the USA and then the equivalent pricing for the rest of the world. Charming Olivia along with the rest of my eBooks are available on all eBook platforms.


Charming Olivia is the first of three novels in the Geary Brothers Series

Olivia Gage is a top selling clean romance novelist, but wants to write erotica. Jack Geary leads the lifestyle that Olivia wants to write about. They start talking after a sarcastic written conversation over a review of a corset that he made and a book she wrote.
Over time, they become friends and then he persuades her to spend a week with him. He reasons with her that if she hasn’t experienced erotica first hand then how is she going to write about it.
Charming Olivia is the week she spends with him, each night a different subject, whips & ropes, threesomes, MM sex club and so on. He is determined to talk her out of her clothes and into his bed. Olivia is determined that he is not going to lay a finger on her until she confesses the truth.
Over the year that he has been in contact with her, he has told her exactly what he wants to do to her. She tells him she is married and that is why she won’t succumb to his charms but she is not telling the full truth. Once Olivia reveals what the truth is to Jack, she stands no chance.
Absolutely 18+

Reviews so far

I really enjoyed this book. The story was great and the characters are relatable. The story had some things happen that I was not expecting. Olivia’s past made me tear up. She has had it hard the past couple of years. But Jack hasn’t had it easy either, he knew what pain Olivia was going through because he had experienced it himself.
Overall it was a great book. The story flowed well, and I felt like I could be friends with the characters.
The sex scenes are super hot, and had me needing a hot shower after everyone of them. The sex wasn’t repetitive, and it was nice having something different every time.
I’m excited to read the author’s other books!

****Jade from 2 Girls who Love Books****

I already read and read it again at the moment, good read, style and story. Even the BDSM parts are great and I am not a great fan of it. It’s one of the five i would keep in that genre, because the BDSM scenes were only a part of the complex chemistry between the two main characters. This author got some brain to be original, i owe her that. It’s entertaining.


What a wonderful story! From page one I was swept away by Olivia and Jack’s story to the point where I didn’t want it to end. Would definitely recommend this book



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