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The Disappearance of Catherine Brodie is one year old!

Do you believe in fate? I do, I see it all around me, in my life and in other’s lives. I believe that if you are meant to meet someone, then they will be put in front of you time and time again until you look up and say ‘oh, hello’.

I loved writing Catherine’s story, there’s a little bit of my soul etched into the pages. Catherine’s story starts on the eve of the most heart breaking birthday of her life. She’s turning 20 and needs to make a decision, hide away from the world or power through until she figures out what she wants to do with her future.

Instead of becoming a lawyer, like her parents wanted her to be, she opens a music venue for unsigned musicians. But, there are those who want to do her harm, Catherine faces the threats head on, like the tough, formidable  woman she had become.

Along the way, Catherine forms her family of friends, Tara, Seb, Tom, Casey. The person who is destined to be her husband is Alexander Devlin, the rock star and guitarist from Fragile. It takes her a long time to work out that she loves him from the very first moment she gazed into his green eyes. He knew he loved her from the very first time he met her.

The Catherine Brodie Saga is a set of four novels telling the epic love story of Catherine and Alexander. Try the first book for FREE on Amazon until 7th November 2016.

Amazon Link: MyBook.To/TDOCB

Do you want a chance to win a signed paperback of The Disappearance of Catherine Brodie? Head on over to Goodreads:

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