Jackson’s Bay Series

Jackson’s Bay Series

The six stories are set in the fictional town of Jackson’s Bay that only comes alive once a year. Ipris Magazine has its gala ball at the Imperial Estate on top of the cliffs, and this year they are celebrating 140 years of publication.

The town is basking in an usually long heat wave. Clothes are coming off, and inhibitions are being lost. We follow twenty-two people throughout the week leading up to the party. Secrets, revelations, ambitions and desires will come to the forefront. Will the men and women overcome inhibitions, stigma and blackmailers by the time they attend the Gala celebrations that will have over a thousand people in attendance?

Sunshine and Lightning Book #1

Karl Spencer walked out on Rebecca Patterson ten years ago and has regretted it ever since. There wasn’t a week that passed by that he didn’t regret running away from her that night. Karl spent a lot of time hating himself for not fighting for their relationship.

Rebecca used her broken heart to fuel her determination to achieve her career goal, Editor-in-Chief of Ipris Magazine. She ignores that she had never had a relationship last more than three months. An enforced week off lands her in Jackson’s Bay at the same time as Karl Spencer.

No matter what, Karl is determined to find out if she still feels anything for him.

Will Karl win Rebecca back?


High Heels Summer Mornings Book #2

Harvey Hinder is the head of the Hinder family, he runs his media company behind closed doors. The reclusive man has been admiring Ingrid Stellar from afar. Ingrid Stellar is an escort, but not all is as it seems. She works secretly for Ipris Magazine and is about to give up her escort life until her Madam calls her for one last job. To escort Harvey Hinder for a week. But do they end up getting more than they bargained for?

Ramsay Holcroft is a shoe designer that had lost his mojo. That is until he meets Jessica Dockery, a plus sized super model at a party. One of the organisers assumes Jessica is Ramsay’s wife. They play along with the assumption and end up getting passionate in full view of the party goers. He wants her to be his muse, and she would give her left kidney to have handmade shoes. Are they a match?

Ramsay and Harvey are brothers that end up with a pretend girlfriend and a pretend wife. Can they make it to the Ipris gala with their women, legitimately on their arm?


Wishes Promises Book #3

Natalie and Geoff Grant are in Jackson’s Bay for their annual family holiday. It is a bittersweet time as their twin children are moving on with their lives.
Their daughter, Alice runs a nonprofit business called Letters Over The Ocean, an online company that matches service men and women for love and friendship. That’s where she met her very own soldier boy. They have been a couple for a year but have never met, until now. Will reality burst their young love?

Their son, Finn, is moving away from home to attend University. He had been in mixing with the wrong crowd and was wrongly arrested. On his first evening, he has the choice to turn left or turn right. He turns left and meets Nadia. Did he make the correct choice?

Geoff and Natalie have their own issues to overcome. Natalie is a secret crime writer and needs to decide if she is going to go public. Geoff runs London’s crime unit, but at home, he needs to face his short comings. Is Natalie’s patience running out and had Geoff lost his chance to face his biggest fear?

Will each member of the Grant family find happiness by the time the Ipris Gala arrives?


Strangers Heroes Book #4

York Goode rents deck chairs by day and photographs women at night. He rents a room in a multi-million-pound house in the town of Jackson’s Bay. Finishing University a month ago he has the summer ahead of him until a wayward rock star arrives on the coattails of his best mate.

Tessa Wilby is a sought after editor. She works for Ipris Magazine as well as a top publisher. She is a wanderer, roaming from town to city for each editing job.
Tessa rents a deck chair from York every day, and it takes a week for her to find the courage to talk to York.

York is besotted with the red head who comes to the beach each day, highlighting the pages of a book while sitting on one of his deck chairs.

When then meet, the chemistry is palpable. York is sure he has found the girl of his dreams, but the wayward rock star has a career making job offer.

Will York take the job or give up the chance of a lifetime to be with Tessa? His test for the job is at the Ipris Gala but will he make the grade?


Sister & Brother Book #5

Jake Speers is one half of the hottest couples in Hollywood, and he’s marrying Terri Hynde in a secret wedding.

Yasmin Lambert is gutter press to the outside world. Her boss is blackmailing her to get a picture of the Hollywood couple. Jake’s brother Vaughan is determined to distract her from her story but ends up liking Yasmin, a lot.

The third brother, James, is a lead singer in a rock band. Very few people know he is the son of a heavy metal God, Rocky, and James is determined to keep that part of his life a secret. Particularly since Rocky is the father to Jake and Vaughan.

What Rocky knows but the brothers don’t is that there is a sister too.

The family drama is threatening to be made public, can the brothers contain the story and get ahead of the game?


Flashbulbs & Champagne Book #6

All the characters are dressed up and ready to attend the most famous fashion party of the year, Ipris Gala.
Terri has to overcome her stage fright, but when doing so, it is another who cannot get out of the car. Yasmin’s cover is blown but who will come to the rescue to keep her safe?
Two women have marriage proposals, while Rocky gets the surprise of his life. Katrina’s night doesn’t go as she planned and neither does Jemima’s but for entirely different reasons.
The final instalment sees the characters of Jackson’s Bay arrive and leave the gala ball but who is on their arm?


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