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Harper’s Harpings – Guardian Angels



Do you have a guardian angel?

Me, I have two, well two and a shared one, I’ll get back to this later.

Now, many religions have different versions of angels, I could tell you but Google is fab and you probably have your own views anyway.

I prefer to make up my own version of guardian angels, why they are here and why I have them floating in and out of my mind.

Believing in guardian angels can be traced through all antiquity. I can tell you exactly when I started believing in them and that was when I was seventeen and I survived a car crash that really should have killed me.  I knew then that there was someone looking out for me. Ambulance, fire brigade and police all said that I was very lucky to be alive. I didn’t come out unscathed of course but I was alive and that was good enough for me.

I am fairly sure who was looking out for me then and that person was my aunt who died when I was only a toddler.  I never knew here but ‘seem’ to know quite a bit about her.  I would recite details about her to my mum and she would say how the hell did I know the details.  I couldn’t explain how I knew and that caused a lot of arguments so I stopped talking about her and kept her to myself.

Am I sounding mad here?

I don’t care, I shall carry on.

I have two full-time guardian angels that take it in turns to kick my ass onto the right path and then one that meanders in and out as he pleases.  I think he looks out for me, my brother, my nephew.  He will pop in unannounced to my head and then occupy the space for a few days and then go.  Once he goes I know the decision I need to make.  I’ll call my brother and ask if he has heard from ‘Rick’ recently and always, always he will say yes to the same time scale as when Rick was with me. Rick was my brother’s best friend from childhood until late thirties.

Now, a scientific person may say that I need some guidance. Calling on my subconscious to help me through the decision process would be a scientific way.  That’s fine, we all have our own beliefs. I would argue that they come when I don’t want them as well, if it is my subconscious then I am more demented than I thought.

So, my aunt hasn’t made an appearance for many years, I have had Chris.  He died about five years ago and I love, love, loved him.  He was cheeky, gorgeous and gloriously gay.  His middle name should be flamboyant or diva or scallywag. I could go on, I swear he is trying to turn me into a gay man.  He’s got his work cut out.

In the books I am writing at the moment, Chris is one of the characters, so naturally he is on my mind. He is in my dreams. My dreams at the moment are epic, again some would say that it is just my subconscious telling me to figure my shit out.

I love that I have a naughty guardian angel and a sensible one, they have both got me out of some hairy situations over the years that I could now write about (hehe).

Have you got a guardian angel? Do you believe in them? Do you think they are poppycock?  Please tell me, I would love to know.

I’m off to panic over #nanowrimo now.

Thanks for reading.




Harper’s Motto: You will not be everybody’s favourite flavour, but that’s ok, because they will not always be your favourite flavour.   Be who you want to be and you will attract the people who will support you no matter what.


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